Podcasts (other voices in your head)

While the Internet is still functioning (and your old MP3 player still works) there are some great things to listen to when having to use a car or public transportation, in this converging catastrophe world.  Podcasts are good, because many times, the podcaster isn’t just giving a lecture, but is in an actual conversation, with give and take, and generally a lot more nuance than the written word can be transmitted.

A short list of ones that address some of the issues in this blog and elsewhere in the Peak Everything blogosphere:

Radio Ecoshock – Alex Smith puts this podcast out, and like anyone being honest with themselves and their topic, brings a good variety of guests to his show.   For example, in one episode, he interviewed Guy McPherson, and his darker view of things, and in another, he brought in rebuttals.  Now, this doesn’t mean he’s going to give equal time to the Koch brothers, but he does ask real questions of his guests – the hallmark of honest truth seekers.

The Kunstler Cast – James Howard Kunstler is a busy guy, and these podcasts have been going on for quite a while, but have been a bit more intermittent these past few months (probably because of the fourth World Made By Hand novel in progress).  JHK is well known, and has interviewed a few of the other luminaries in the Peak Oil/Peak Resource movement.

You Are Not So Smart – The beauty of this podcast is that it brings up many of the logical fallacies that drive economic and social decisions; many of which we ignore (at our own peril).   It has been noted by many in the community of Peak Oil folk that some basic human issues have to be addressed (i.e. the various cognitive dissonances that blind us) and this podcast does a great deal of ameliorating the fallacies that cause us to make bad decisions personally, and as societies.   Sometimes the podcasts are a bit lightweight, but they do make some portions of economics interesting.

Featured Voices – This is a companion podcast to Chris Martenson’s website and blog.  Generally good stuff here, and of course, leaning toward’s Chris’ worldview.

Planet Money – This podcast is included, if only to get your blood pressure up.  As hip as NPR is, or tries to be, these folks do bring up some interesting ideas, but they don’t really touch upon the issues of Peak Oil, or any of the catastrophes that are coming our way.  Sometimes, they do bring up good guests and concepts (they have done some great episodes on behavioral economics), but their worldview does seem to be stuck in a business as usual mindset.  There are good elements of Planet Money, but I do wish they’d be a bit tougher on their guests and topics.


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