Outside the Doomosphere

After accidentally walking into a semi-official pub debate on the merits of Bernie vs Hillary, it was apparent to me that for those of us who see the world through the lens of reduced expectations due to climate, the realities of the the exponential function, resource depletion and the diminishing returns of complex systems, there are people who truly, without any hint of irony, live in different worlds.

We (referring to those who write and read the stuff from the blogroll on the right) may have differing points of view with regard to timelines and such, but at least we see the oncoming cliff.  There are people who think all is still OK, and we just need a bit of tweaking (in the form of a New and Improved President) to set things right.

Another bit of shock came when talking with someone who said that they were looking at firms looking for more oil to find (or find it faster).   When I mentioned that we are going to probably have to keep a lot of those already found hydrocarbons in the ground to prevent a serious greenhouse effect, they ignored my question, as if it had not been asked.

Le sigh.

  • How do you deal with such people?
  • What happens when you bring up such facts, and they are completely ignored?

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