What to watch?

So, your friends aren’t paying attention, and think all this stuff is doom and gloom, these converging catastrophes and/or stair step declines that are coming our way.   Surely “they” will find a way to get us out of this mess.   But your comments go nowhere, and they ignore your commentary.  Time to bring in the experts.

You of course, could get them to read a few books, but given the attention span of most humans in the modern age, you may have to get them to watch videos instead.  Alas, the track record of popular movies (i.e., “2012”, or “The Day After Tomorrow”) is pretty horrible, and very few movies show the reality of things, even though some of their premises are distantly related to a few facts.


(The promotional poster for the film “2012”.  Note that it is not a documentary.)

Even Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, with a lot of facts included (although needed), gave some lukewarm “solutions” such as “buy a hybrid car” and “recycle.”

Some more serious stuff, thankfully, is available at the various video sharing sites.   There’s plenty of commentary of course, but what videos give a good view of the future, without the predictable ‘feel good’ solutions, or a few hopeful words at the end (to allow you to go back to your old life, without the pinpricks of logic keeping you up at night)?

For starters there’s  What A Way To Go: Life At the End Of Empire.  It’s a good introduction, because it has a good mix of interviews with various luminaries in the field, has a personal touch, and a no-nonsense reality check at the end, which tells us “Yeah, it isn’t going to be fun, but we should kind of get used to the idea, and learn to let go of this old world.”   If you are even more inclined, there’s lots of extra extended interviews that didn’t make it (due to time constraints).

Getting a bit darker, Collapse is another film which hits the same themes, but this time with Michael Ruppert narrating a worldview that brings up similar themes.

The last recommendation is for one that is a tour-de-force of simplicity – Albert Bartlett’s lecture on the exponential function, “Arithmetic, Population and Energy.”

  • What other videos would you add to this list?
  • Are there any videos which give the opposite side of the argument?   Thrive comes to mind, as does anything with Ray Kurzweil, of course.

One thought on “What to watch?

  1. gekko15

    I watched What A Way To Go: Life At the End Of Empire, based on your recommendation here. It was good, I just can’t say how well it would enlighten somebody who is new to these ideas. Another documentary that I really like is The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vs6xoKmnYq8) it covers both what happens as well as how people can responds.


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