When you meet everyday, generally uniformed people, and they ask if you if you see a bright future, telling them the truth as you see it can be a risky business.  If you tell them even a smidgen of the way things will probably go, you sometimes get the “we’ll find a way,” response, but even worse yet, the immortal words, “I bought a Prius!”



Buying a Prius will not save us (a bit of ‘net searching will tell you why).

Quite recently, I met one of those high-flying folks who are continually chasing deals and other “opportunities” in energy sector.   This was mentioned a few weeks ago, (Outside the Doomosphere) but it hits the point so well.   Of course, they were wearing pointy shoes, hip clothes, jetting about the world, the whole bit.  When they mentioned they were looking at firms that were trying to get even more oil and gas out of the ground, it dumbfounded me.  When bringing up the issue that we have to leave most of the fossil fuels we’ve found in the ground, they just shrugged their shoulders, and gave me a weak smile.

The world around us goes on, disconnected from reality.

Questions – anyone have any ideas here?  The disconnection from reality, especially as we go into the holiday season, is one we really need to face.

  • How do you deal with people who are disconnected?
  • What are some egregious examples you have encountered?
  • For yourself, what is your biggest disconnection?
  • What happens when you push them a bit?  Do you get an answer like, “I recycle everything…”, “I bought a Prius…”, or the usual, “They’ll think of something.”?
  • Did any of this come up for Thanksgiving?  How do you handle those big Christmas dinners on this topic?

(This is a short post; yes.  It has been a long week.)



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