So, the Paris climate change conference has come and gone, and officially we’ve got some sort of deal.   I thought of riffing a bit on many pop-culture phrases regarding Paris (“We’ll always have Paris…”), but can you really make light of the farce that are those talks, with the stakes that high?  It’s great that everyone can agree on things, sure, but do you really think that after all this, we are going to actually reduce emissions?

Some of the most sobering commentary is given over at Decline of the Empire, and it is well worth the read.   The interviews that Kevin Anderson have given recently (suggested by a commenter at DOTE) are well worth watching.  He makes a great point about 100 billion dollars/year being a drop in the bucket; an “irrelevant sum of money,” for what is at stake.  Another classic quote: “Realism is problem.”

Not much more to say here, than it’s been good knowing you all.  But hey, it is Christmas season; just go out and be merry, right?


  • What do you think of the Paris talks?
  • Will anything really helpful be done?
  • When can you say that they have succeeded or failed?  If we hit 2C?  3C? 4C?  What would success look like?  A peak, and then a fall of average temperatures would say that something has happened for the better, but if we hit anything over 3 or 4 C, it might be moot.




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