More (and less) action, less (and more) talk

action++; action – – ;


talk++; talk – – ;

A bit of an odd title there, and yes that’s a bit of C/C++ like programming syntax there, as a bit of humor.   But the obviousness should be apparent; I thought about writing about the classic “A little less conversation (talk), and a lot more action,” (Thanks, Elvis), but it hit me – we need more and less of both. To be a bit more specific:

More action:

  • More bike riding,
  • More building things with your hands,
  • More reading about real things, and real skills,
  • More learning,
  • More finding people who have changed the world for the better, and supporting them.

Less action:

  • Less driving,
  • Less buying of trivial things,
  • Less flying (a rare thing for me, but let us not get complacent),
  • Less watching/reading nonsense, about the world of celebrity, professional sports, and ‘lite’ news,
  • Less ignoring of the facts.

Less talking:

  • About trite things,
  • About complaints (certainly as a citizen of the US) about our ‘tough’ lives,
  • About what we are “going to do…”.

More talking:

  • About the realities of our situation, with everyone we know,
  • About how we can change our behaviors,
  • With compassion,
  • With a clear mind.

A lot of folks give Guy McPherson a lot of flack, but one of his key points is “Our days are numbered.  Passionately pursue a life of excellence.”   Not bad advice at all.  The new year is upon us; time to get ourselves going.



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