He who pursued excellence


(R.I.P., David.  You did good.)

There are many folks that are to be admired in the Peak Everything world; there are some who write with rapier (and sometimes broadsword) wit, some who write with logical precision, and some who “walk the talk” and live up to the ideas that they promulgate.

One person who encompassed many of the these traits was David J.C. MacKay, the author of Sustainable Energy – Without The Hot Air.   He wrote incredibly clearly on the issue of sustainable energy, and his book is one of the most readable out there on the topic of renewable energy, and the possibility of it powering our world.   One of the items that stands out in my mind is his “kWH/day/person” metric, which translates a lot of energy jargon and varied units into clear numbers that so “apples-to-apples” comparisons can be made on the issues of energy consumption and energy production.   He was also careful not to say “X will save us,” and give a well balanced view of all the options.  His work was so admired that people from all parts of the energy spectrum, from Greenpeace to folks promoting nuclear energy were champions of his work.

He died on Thursday, 14-April-2016.

The links below are about donating in his honor, and about David himself.



You did good, David.   Let’s live up to his work, and pursue excellence as we try to navigate our difficult future.


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