M_. President



Tough to believe, but in a little over six months, the citizens of the United States of America (the ones who vote, that is) will decide on a new president.   Well, the Electoral College will decide that (in actuality), but in theory, the will o’ the people will be heard through them, and someone will be at the helm again.

Over at the Archdruid’s lair, he’s made a good case that we’ll see Mr. Trump become president, rather than Ms. Clinton (or Mr. Sanders).   For some folks, this seems incredible (“Who would vote for such a person?” is the usual refrain), but if you ask around, and take a look at the turnout for the primaries, Mr. Trump is generating large turnouts.  There have even been a few articles on how people like Trump, but won’t admit it.

From this vantage point, whether we have a Mr. or Madame President won’t make much of a difference, if they continue the policies of the previous N administrations.  Mr. Trump, in spite of all his negatives, is one person who might challenge the status quo (like his alternate ego Bernie Sanders), and at least challenge the ‘business as usual’ (BAU) model that has existed.   Some folks have suggested (even those on the left) that voting for him will be a good thing, since it will drive the system off a cliff , and Bring On The Revolution.   But (if the same article is correct, and a bit of searching seems to check with this), Mr. Trump doesn’t believe climate change is real.

It seems, whether we get a Mr. or Madame or Ms. President, it really won’t matter much.   We will still be upon a trajectory that believes ‘more growth is better’.  If we stop illegal immigration, or easy access to guns, or overseas misadventures, or make every car in America run on electricity, we’ll still be in the same pickle.    We are not willing to address the root cause of the problem – a runaway industrial civilization.

Both President Carter (“All of us must learn to not waste energy…”) and ironically President Bush (“We are addicted to oil,”) told some unvarnished truths.   But the big one – we can’t have infinite growth on a finite planet – seems to evade all of our political leaders.   The upshot – yeah, we are in trouble.

The Everpresent Questions:

  • Which president has told the most truth to the population?
  • Can you imagine a president saying any truths that aren’t part of the Flatland worldview?
  • During war (a one where all average Americans are affected), things get dire; will it take a war for a president to say these truths, or will that just drive the truth away even further?
  • The everpresent question – who do you want to run for president, and why (even if they aren’t a candidate)?





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