Why America Failed – An honest assessment



Morris Berman wrote Why America Failed in 2012, and if you have been reading this space and others, not too much should surprise you.  America has failed; he just spells it out in detail.

A few points that he brings up (common to those pointing out such things)  hustling and voracious capitalism have done quite a number on us, and we will more likely than not go out with a whimper, and not a bang. But the most important element he brings up is “False comfort is an indecent thing to peddle,” and true to form he doesn’t try to do this.  He alludes to this in this three tragic acts (which essentially sums up his own book):

Act I: “The Steamroller,”

Act II: “The Steamroller Destroys the Opposition,”

Act III: “Eventually the Steamroller Self-Destructs.”

It is simply not possible for Act Three to be “The Steamroller Has an Identity Crisis but Emerges New and Improved.”

I wasn’t the first to find this one of the key points in the book, but it really rings true.  In some ways, this is like many who are considered ‘doomers’; he is one who is willing to say that we don’t have a problem, but a predicament.  There are no real solutions, only “least worse” decisions to be made.  You can drive into a wall, over a cliff, or into a river, but you can’t just apply the brakes, stop the car, and safely walk away.

It may be late to the party, but Mr. Berman’s blog is on the roll to the lower right; check it out.


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