On Dying


The humor site Cracked may have some off beat articles (the “photoplasty”contests sometimes have a bit much too much adolescent humor), but the articles written from the perspective of people in odd positions are ones that are enjoyed the most, and make you think about some very atypical worlds.  Typically, they are titled along the lines of “N realities/ of doing/having/being X.”

A recent article was titled, “5 Realities Of Life When You Know You’re Going To Die.”

It is a odd read, having something like this in a humor magazine/humor site, but many comedians have come to grips with death and dying, and all the realities that the topic entails.

Some of the five points the article makes:

  1. Cancer Doesn’t Care Who You Are
  2. Life Goes On, Right Up Until It Doesn’t
  3. People With Terminal Cancer Are Often Ignored By Both Charities And Researchers
  4. You’re Expected To Play The Part Of The Inspirational Hero
  5. People Assume You Did Something To Deserve It

It is pretty sobering stuff, and given that practically everyone knows someone who has had (or died) from cancer, it is “surprising that these things are surprising.”  Most of us know folks who have lived ‘good clean lives’ and have cancer, and those who have lived the “wrong” kind of life, and survived for a long time.

If we were to extend this to the climate change reality that seems to be denied by many, what would this essay look like, and what would its headings be?  Here are some suggestions for “5 Realities of Life When You Know About Abrupt Climate Change and A Strong Possibility of Near Term Human Extinction”:

  1. Climate change doesn’t care that you drive a Prius (in fact, it is worse when you do drive one), or have solar panels on your roof.
  2. People who criticize you can be very blind to data.
  3. People who espouse the reality of abrupt climate change are ignored by both governments and researchers.
  4. You are expected to believe that technology or an inspirational “we can do it attitude” will save us.
  5. People assume you are negative all the time, and have a death wish, or subscribe to a death cult.

Any more comments on the realities of knowing the strong evidence for  a big die-off in our future?

Comedy can be a powerful force for teaching people the harsh realities of life.  Perhaps Cracked can tackle this topic (although it has tackled a few climate change topics in the past).   Or are some topics too dark for even a comedy site?

What other taboo subjects could Cracked tackle?   The presidency of Donald Trump? The coming defeat and destruction of American supercarriers in the next “hot war?”  How the next financial collapse might make The Great Depression look like a walk in the park?


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