Rule of Law


Well, Ms. Clinton is off the hook again, and after a stern dressing down by the director of the FBI, no charges will be filed against her for the email scandal.    The fact that folks up the food chain have no consequences to seemingly any of their actions is becoming more apparent every day.  Politicians go free, bankers do no jail time.  It doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or Republican; so long as you have some sort of status/pull/celebrity/power, the laws don’t seem to apply.

It has always been ironic that the “scales of justice” represent the rule of law.   The ‘law’ can be tweaked, twisted, and modified to suit whoever is in power.  A true physical scale,  however, is bound by the laws of gravity and mechanics, and no amount of cajoling can change a true scale.

In a cartoon a long time ago, an anthropomorphized mountain, thought these (or similar) words, after an avalanche was caused by passing hikers (who were a bit annoying):

“Natural justice is swift, merciless, and without appeal.”

The truly unfortunate part about people who get away with things isn’t so much that they go free,  but that this sort of “we can do whatever we want, we can create our own reality” worldview can create havoc for the rest of us, who live in the real world, and who don’t have that ability flaunt the law.   At some point, however, you can’t keep cheating nature.  Even those high up will have to deal with the banquet of consequences caused by their inability to act rationally, and natural justice will be upon us again.

Scotty, from Star Trek once famously said, “I cannae change the laws of physics,” when his captain asked for the impossible.   This being Star Trek, of course, the problem at hand was solved, but in the real world things aren’t so easily done.


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