Backup plan


No matter who you look at, both presidential candidates have a lot of baggage, and a lot of traits that infuriate the supporters of the other, as well as those who are just disgusted with the entire process of Election 2016 to date.

My mini-thesis on this whole debacle is that it is the vice-presidential candidates who are going to play an important part in our collective futures.  Both candidates have a lot of negatives, and some of those negatives involve some serious ‘impeachable offenses.’

The folks who designed the US system of government did well to provide us with a backup plan, in case something went wrong with the president du jour.  

Stay tuned.


  • How likely do you think this scenario is?   A search on ‘Clinton’ and ‘Nixon’ turns up a lot of hits.   Even Trump has a few folks looking at some of his dealings, and thinking they might be criminal as well.
  • Do you feel strongly about any of the VP candidates?   They may seem a bit underwhelming, but perhaps that’s a good thing.




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