And now for something completely different


Well, JMG and Michael Moore called it – President-Elect (soon to be) President Trump.   Because of those prescient and well reasoned predictions, my take on the election has been to tell folks everywhere, “This isn’t going to be easy to hear, but there’s a very good chance he will win; and if not, it will be very close.”  As it turned out, it was even harder to bear for some in their ivory towers.

Oh well.  The recriminations, blame, and finger-pointing will go on for a while, of course.  If there’s one word that describes this event, it is probably that ancient word hubris; that dangerous overconfidence that leads to a downfall of epic proportions.  Again, again, and again, humans seemingly refuse to learn.

For sure, we are going to have a different world.   Mr. Trump’s worldview(s) have been varied and tough to pin down, and a shakeup in the foundations of our society and foreign policy is surely upon us.   Heck, even California wants to secede.   It is particularly sad, however, how some of the folks on the left have responded.  When Obama won eight years ago, there were complaints to be sure, but not the kind of protests we’ve got today.    When the folks who leaned left cheered when Obama used executive orders, didn’t they see that one day, this would set a precedent for a right leaning executive?

For those of you who think that we’ll never see a female US president, here’s an interesting thought experiment.  My ancillary view to this election has been that impeachment was always just around the corner for whoever won this poisoned chalice of the presidency.   With impeachment, a new vice-president will have to be chosen, and wouldn’t it be ironic if the VP slot was filled by a moderate female Republican?   Impeachment might even follow the new president.   It isn’t impossible for both the president and vice-president to resign – Spiro Agnew was forced from the Vice Presidency of Richard Nixon, and Gerald Ford replaced him.  A bit later, Nixon resigned, voilà – we had President Ford.

It’s been a wild ride this year, nothing should be ruled out, for sure.


  • Who else saw this coming?
  • What other outrageous predictions do you see coming true?
  • Is it possible that Trump might end up like Reagan?   Or like Nixon?
  • What will be the biggest change we will see under a Trump presidency?
  • Are you still having trouble grappling with this reality?





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