From www.nytimes.com/2016/11/28/arts/design/offshoring-the-future-of-housing.html

Dmitry Orlov is building the Quidnon; a very well thought out “houseboat that sails.”   Not fancy-schmancy, not architecturally sleek, but something that is designed to work.

Someone is trying to do something similar, but not quite the same – houses that float.   While we think this is interesting, you still have to wonder if this is really a useful thing.   Houses that float can be useful, for a while, but will they still suffer from some of the same problems that houses near the water have?   Cost of materials; being tied to shore; inability to move under their own power – the host of problems here seems long.

These houses, while ‘pretty’, don’t seem to be built for climates that get a lot of snow (look at all those windows and flat roof construction).   They seem to have a freeboard of about a few inches, rather than being designed for any real sea changes.


  • Anyone see how these could be cheaper than regular houses?
  • Would you live in one of these?
  • Are there other alternatives to the Quidnon you have seen?

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