The alternate world of the holidays


Going home for the holidays,  for many of us,  involves extended travel by planes, trains and automobiles.  In our current world, this involves no more than fueling up the car, buying a ticket, and showing up to a terminal or airport at the right time.   Because of this ability to travel to easily, relatively cheaply, and quickly, it means some of the family can live a half a continent away, take a half a day for travel, and be in their hometown on the same day they left.

This is great while it lasts, but at some point, whether it be due to fuel shortages, political unrest, weather strangeness, or some other gumming up of the works, this sort of travel ( as well any other non-essential kinds) may become almost non-existent.   This has happened before, of course – before rapid and cheap air travel, going cross country took days (by train), and going across an ocean took weeks.    Families lived a lot closer, if they wanted to be, you know, close.


  • Now that we’ve spread out so much, what will happen, as these conveniences slip away?   Will families give up on moving apart for work, school and leisure?   Or will our self-centeredness still be so strong that we move away anyway?   Moving, in general, will entail a lot more resources, and trust on where you are going.
  • The World Made By Hand novels had travel being incredibly difficult, and people not moving much at all, but this may have been to the times (war, pestilence, unrest).  Given that world, after it settled down a bit, what would be a reasonable travel radius/time/distance?
  • If a modicum of telecommunications still exists (i.e. private radio/telephone, Internet of some sort), how much will this change the equation?




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