Climate Denial


There’s a great podcast this week on Radio Ecoshock, and it covers a lot of how we deny climate change (among many other things in our lives):

There’s an embedded video in the link, of a TED talk on optimism bias.  Ironically, the T in TED stands for Technology, and many of the folks in the technology world, in spite of their knowledge of climate change, deny that we won’t be able to solve things *with* technology.

The talk brings up some interesting elements, and goes back to the Flatland thesis, over at Decline of the Empire.   More and more, it becomes more apparent that no matter what our technological solutions and smart people might come up with, we are still left with human biases and faults.   The data keeps coming in, and it doesn’t look too good.

Not much more to say on this particular topic that hasn’t been already been said.

Kind of weird, when you belong to a species that is this bizarre and destined for a spectacular crackup.




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