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number_one_q(As always, a question…)

In writing last weeks essay, a reference was made to the great writing being done over at Decline Of The Empire.   Dave Cohen pulls no punches, and has countless examples of how, a species, we are essentially driving into a wall.   Other people have come along and said, “Oh, but wait, X will save us, “, or “all we need is Y and…” but he’ll have none of it.  The evidence is pretty strong.  A few others who see the realities of things share similar worldviews, but with different shades of anger, resignation, and yes, even humor.

It makes me think that the most important topic that we should be talking about isn’t energy efficiency, new technologies, or ways to mitigate greenhouse gases.  In fact, the things we really should be talking about are things like psychology and sociology.   There’s day to day versions of this, as discussed previously.   But talking about psychology and sociology isn’t very pleasant, and looking at one’s own species can be a tough thing.

In his recent commentary, Cohen has this to say:

With our foolish species, it is always the same. Humans hope for a bright future as they whistle in the dark. Grinspoon writes that there is a “dim and growing” cognizance of human effects on the planet.

Dim? Yes. Hardly discernable, in fact. Growing? There is no empirical evidence whatsoever that human self-awareness is growing. None. Zero, nadda, zip.

“Accurate self-perception” is the one thing humans are not capable of.

Well, there are at least a few data points – Dave himself, and a few other folks.


  • What would it take for more people to actually have more Dave-like self-perception, or John Michael Greer-like logicalness about things?
  • This question keeps coming back to me; we can understand quite readily why people want to reject reality (it is easier!), but how is it that so few of us don’t reject it?  Why do some of us take the road less traveled?  The question is still fascinating to me.
  • Could this worldview be spread?  Will we be vilified for even thinking that we might be able to spread that kind of reality-based worldview?  Not saying that we’ll be able to stop the coming freight train of reality – just, could more than a few of us be aware as things imploded?

Bonus find, this week;  The big picture of all of doom-dom.





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