Now what?


From Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life

As it says on the tin – “Now what?”

A weekly commentary, like a newspaper editorial, sermon, or any other piece of writing, should make you think about things you don’t normally think about, or give you a new viewpoint on which to think about the world.

We can comment ad nauseum on the various outrageous things in the world (there’s enough to do this every day, of course; the new American administration and its opponents give us all ample fodder).

We can plot data until the cows come home, showing our converging catastrophes in finance, environment, and energy.

We can rail against every injustice, perceived and hidden.

“Now what?”  One might say this the moment one is born; you are going to die, so, “Now what?”  From all of what has been said throughout the doom-o-sphere, it seems that in spite of this mess we are in, the answer is to do something useful; do the best you can; live a life of excellence.   There are lots of folks making the case that things are getting rough, and are about to get rougher.  The point about ‘we should live a life of excellence’ isn’t easy, especially with our modern world distractions.

If something appears on the radar of the world that should be championed, we hope to bring it to light.   If something completely foolish comes up, we should mention it as well.  But doing something good, in spite of the reality that it might just not matter, isn’t so horrible.   As has been said before, Art is Important.   One movie that bring up this attitude, in spite of odds stacked against us:

Monty Python’s Meaning Of Life (with the classic Galaxy Song, and The End Of The Film notes on what is the Meaning Of Life).

There are others of course, but the insanity of life seems to be best viewed through the eyes of comedy.   Yes, we will point out signposts on the way to our demise (hopefully, without the nauseum), but we must remember to laugh a bit about the whole thing.


  • “Now what?”  How do you answer this?
  • When faced with these issues, what keeps you going?
  • What piece of art, writing, music or other that helps you get through these realities?



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