On investing, redux (the rich folks)



Last year, a small bit was written on investing.  Nothing too radical, nothing too outrageous; investing in yourself and your community seems like a good idea (and always has).

Yet a recent article came out about really rich folks, thinking about holing up in bunkers, hiding out, (not forgetting their servants, and their servant’s families), and waiting until the dust settles when things go pear shaped.

Does anybody think of getting alternate viewpoints anymore?   It’s been written a few places that when things go south for society, the folks with the weapons, training, and capabilities of being the bad guys can suddenly turn on their masters.   As much as that may work for N weeks, months, or even years, at some point, you’ll have to rejoin society, and no matter how much you’ve got stored up, it is going to be reduced, and then… you’ve got nothing.   People will know you’ve been hiding out, and are they going to welcome you with open arms?   If society was to get that crazy, where living in a bunker worked for a bit, rest assured all those numbers in a bank account probably wouldn’t mean much in a post-normal society.

Cutting to the questions:

  • Why is the alternative option, of making a large community that actually likes you , not seem viable?
  • If things go really bad for a few weeks/months/years, who is to say if you hole up for that time, that the world won’t pass you by, and reorganize along lines you might not like?
  • Short of nuclear weapons, most scenarios allow people who are hungry/wanting to show up to your doorstep, en masse.   What sort of planning can cope with that?  If ten people try to crash your homestead, sure, you might be able to deal with them.  But one hundred?  Two hundred?  A thousand?
  • How do you plan on getting to your favorite bolt-hole, if things happen quickly?
  • The best quote from the article:

    To Levchin, prepping for survival is a moral miscalculation; he prefers to “shut down party conversations” on the topic. “I typically ask people, ‘So you’re worried about the pitchforks. How much money have you donated to your local homeless shelter?’

    What else would you tell people to do, who’ve got hyper-wealth?




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