Message in a bottle

The future is coming, whether we like it or not.  Some of us might bow out early, due to environment, catastrophe, heated interpersonal squabbling, or just a tiredness of life.   If you are around for the long haul, you might reach an age where most of the way the world works today is a distant memory.  Automobiles, aircraft, Internet – all could be gone, or reduced.  Or, they might exist for decades, failing in the stair-step way that has been discussed elsewhere.

Due to the nature of our society, a great deal of what we’ve got is in digital form.  Our pictures, our words (including this rant) may not survive.  And if they do survive, it will be a pretty interesting read for whoever is around to do the reading.

In my own paper-based correspondence, especially with younger relatives, my habit is to always make reference to the current state of affairs; politics, environment, business, adventures, daily life.   It makes for a more philosophical letter, and hopefully, a better read.  Perhaps some future descendant will find some of the ideas alien, but may also see some commonalities with our world.  It’s kind of neat, writing to the future.


  • What do you want to say to future folks or creatures?
  • Would you apologize?  Or ask for forgiveness?  Or just give a description of the world as it is now?
  • Do you think it will help them understand us, or help them avoid our fate?
  • Have you read letters from older relatives or ancestors?  Do they tell of mundane things, or do they talk of war, social unrest, moon landings, and other historical things, blended in with regular items of personal interest?

These short essays are getting shorter, yes.  There seems to be less left to say.


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