Fed Up

Fed Up, by Daniele DiMartino Booth

This is a great book to understand what goes on inside the Federal Reserve, and to see how really “smart” people can make some incredibly poor decisions, and how they can suffer from the same blindnesses that everyday folks do.

A few things that struck me about the book:

  • No discussion of energy, Peak Anything, over-population,
  • No discussion of what a real monetary standard (not gold per se, but something backed other than faith).

One thing that did pop up was this comment by Fisher, head of the Dallas Fed, who said:

I think there’s the potential for riots in our own streets, social unrest like we’ve never seen”

Definitely a good read.

From the video world, check out the latest from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where Kunstler, Orlov, Greer, Martenson, and Morris (who is new to me, but someone to check out) talk about reality.


  • Read any good books lately?
  • What is a good ‘insider’ book that gives a good worldview of your own profession?



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