EMP – Eeep.


Photograph of the Starfish Prime high-altitude nuclear test explosion in course of Operation Dominic on July 9, 1962. Yield 1450 kilotons.

The most recent podcast from Radio Ecoshock covered a well known topic in prepper/doomer circles, electromagnetic pulse (EMP).   A good summary is available at Wikipedia, of course, and the corresponding article on Radio Ecoshock brings up a point that the guest made – EMP may be more important to civilization than climate change.   The article is keen to point out that there is a serous problem of those pesky nuclear reactor waste pools which won’t go away, so we’d have Fukushima times 400.

The fact that Radio Ecoshock brought this topic up makes me wonder if any of these ‘phase change like’ effects are starting to be realized as significant triggers to the ‘future we didn’t order’.     In another recent podcast (the Kunstlercast), David Collum mentioned that our economy could go through a ‘phase change’ possibility (our economy going south really, really quickly).

Yes, stairstep decline is upon us, as things go badly in fits and starts.  But there are some possibilities that are a bit too stark to write off ‘bad fits and starts.’   EMP is surely one of them.


  • There are a few fast collapse scenarios out there; which ones are also plausible?  Pandemics?  Rogue AI?
  • The collapse of the grid, and the corresponding release of radioactivity from even a small fraction of those nuclear reactor waste pools isn’t discussed much.    What is the source of this cognitive dissonance?
  • What happens when you engage regular people about such possibilities?
  • What happens when you engage people with technical degrees, and knowledge of this effect?





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