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This just in:

NHS left reeling by cyber-attack: ‘We are literally unable to do any x-rays’

Ah, the magic of computers and technology rears its ugly head once again.   This time, it isn’t just business documents and pictures of your vacation.  This time, entire systems that can mean life or death for people are being compromised.   While this may have been another technological tour-de-force, at one point, someone who is responsible for these tools, or those who use them, might be faced with a Twilight Zone/karmic retribution of some sort.  Imagine those who built these tools for ‘good’ having their family members not be able to get an X-ray (see above), because the very computers their tool infected were disabled.

There’s a great Buddhist story (the details are forgotten) about someone watching a cruel person do nasty things to another.  In the story, the Buddhist weeps, not for the person receiving the blows, but the one who is giving them, since they know the karmic effects on the person who is committing those acts.

Things have a way of biting back.  It is very hard to put the ‘genie back in the bottle’, as we discovered with other weapons of mass destruction.


  • Anybody taking more action to backup their data/update their machines because of this?
  • When do you think this stuff will really start to kill people in larger numbers?
  • The Internet of Things is going to magnify this than we might possibly ever imagine.  Anyone having second thoughts?




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