The troubled Northeast?

A possible fly (tick) in the ointment

My usual thought about the future of the US is that we might wind up with some form of JHK’s World Made By Hand, or JMG’s Star’s Reach, with the US of A going through an “I-go-slavia, You-go-slavia, We-all-go-slavia” moment.  Not pretty, but it isn’t too outlandish.

With the Southwest getting too hot, and the Southeast getting too wet (Florida and Louisiana going under), things in the northern part of the US might look pretty good, especially in places like the Northeast/New England.  Civic society has been around a bit longer, and there are still places that have ‘town meetings’ and even town squares, where people get together and still have some sort of interaction with each other.   There are still suburbs and ex-burbs, but upstate New York and New England do seem to have a bit of a climate buffer, and perhaps, even as Boston, New York, Providence, and other parts of the coast get swamped, the rest of the region might limp along.   There’s still a network of rivers and canals, and still a good deal of hydropower potential.

One fly in the ointment, as it were, however, is a recent rash (no pun intended, of course) of articles that this season will be one of the worst tick seasons ever, due to our interesting bit of changing weather patterns and climate.   Yes, the land might be fertile, but you could wind up with a place where you can’t walk outside in certain places, without all sorts of protective gear.  Already, there have been some anecdotal stories about people getting ticks while on paved biked paths!

Lyme disease is no joke, and nor is Rocky Mountain Spotted fever.   As much as those living in the Northeast might think a bit of warmer weather might be welcome, it may be that just as the Southwest will become unlivable due to a lack of water, the Northeast might be a tough place to live, simply because of the tick situation, or other critters that might start to find the warmer climate a nice thing.


  • How likely or unlikely is this scenario?
  • What would happen if the woods became that infested with ticks?
  • What other climate effects might start to make life more miserable?





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