Crazy week


It’s been an interesting week.   Perhaps even crazy:

Bitcoin surged to new highs; saber rattling between North Korea and the rest of the world got a bit louder; white supremacists (this, in the year 2017!) had a rally where someone died.  The President seemed to take far too long to come out against the violence.   Transgender military folks are suing the President.

Yes, this wasn’t a week of a 9/11-style attack, the start of a shooting war, a natural disaster.   Yet it seems things that might be reported in the Onion not so long ago are seemingly in our regular news feeds and papers.


  • Has the world always been this crazy?   What percentage of news stories do you hear and wonder, “Is this a prank/joke?”
  • What sort of news would, “knock your socks off,” rather than have you yawn and go back to sleep?
  • If you showed the headlines of today to someone thirty years ago, how much would they think was true or not?

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