Gen X Saves The Day?

1024px-Bell_X-1_in_flight.jpg (Public Domain) No, not that X generation!  But a great picture…

It may be a bit ahead of the curve (and the book isn’t even out yet), but a new title caught my eye, and it is definitely on the radar.   It’s Zero Hour for Gen-X – How the Last Adult Generation Can Save America from Millennials, based on an article at City Journal. Now, from the gist of it, it sounds like a attempted body slam on both the Boomers and Millennials.  It’s been written about before in this blog (my take is that we may wind up being referees between the two generations).

For sure, our elders are getting, well, older, and don’t care as much as they might have in the past.  Some older people I’ve spoken with have actually said, “well, I’ll be long gone,” but a few do know that hard times are coming for the younger generations.   Although anecdotal, I have seen quite a few Millennials who have been sucked into their smartphones at dinner, which is now becoming a bit of a trope.   Some aren’t like that for sure, but the love of Silicon Valley, the Internet of Things, and inability to fathom a world where patience was built-in to everyday life are certainly going to cause problems down the road (if not now).


  • Any thoughts on the article?  Are we, Gen-X, the last hope, like Obi-Wan?
  • Every generation complains about the others.   Has this ever not been the case, or has the technological change inherent in our world made this more pronounced?
  • When technology didn’t change much, did generations merely carry on, without the labeling?   Did this generational squabbling occur much before the Lost Generation, or are we just writing/whining about it more?


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