Can’t keep a good man down

Hot-air-balloon – G-BZBK  – CC BY-SA 3.0

Over at Decline of Empire, Dave Cohen is still writing, in spite of his earlier comments to the contrary.  This is good.  As noted in a post made here, what is written, won’t change anything.   We are, most likely, going to see a damn rocky road, and few will see the end of it.   Dave has a link to Doug Stanhope’s bit, for a darkly humorous version of things, and how people ignore data.

Will humans survive?  My bet is yeah, some will (it might be very, very few, however).  And although Dave’s writing (and most of everyone else’s who is on the ‘net) may disappear, the observations are important.  Someone is going to look over the wreckage of this world at some time in the future.   Some of that commentary may survive. A quick search (how we’ll miss that), turned up this bit on reddit, (“Did writers in Ancient Rome ever ponder about the decline of the empire as writers in the modern era do now?”), and it looks like there were folks who saw their own collapse coming.

There’s a great deal to study in what Dave has written; the bit about tribes is telling.  Maybe, in some future world, we’ll realize this stuff about our true humanity, and plan accordingly.

The cycle continues.


  • There are others who write unpleasant truths about ourselves, our world, and our predicament.  Who are they?
  • What keeps you going in these crazy times?






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