B-school for reality


Back in the day, B-school was a way to get your MBA, join a consulting firm, work on Wall Street, and work your way up the financial food chain.   Everything was dollars and cents, and not much attention was paid to the physical reality surrounding all of our modern economy.  Some business wonks even declared that it wouldn’t matter if we ran out of cheap oil, because the “market” would find a way to replace it.

Some folks have seen through this, most notably Nate Hagens, in 2013, who wrote a two part article (which doesn’t seem to have a part 2!), “Twenty (Important) Concepts I Wasn’t Taught in Business School“.   For anyone with a science background, this is all pretty basic stuff, but for B-schoolers, this should be required reading.

Take a look at “The Hidden Secrets of Money”, by Mike Maloney; the latest episodes (9 and 10) have just been published.  Chris Martenson (of PeakProsperity) makes an appearance, and talks about exponential growth, so it is in the same vein as Nate Hagen’s commentary.

The world is a lot different than you may have originally been taught.



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