Who got it right?


Cartoon of the Devo Energy Dome, own work.

The science fiction genre does great work in trying to predict “what if” scenarios and situations, from Nineteen Eighty-Four, Blade Runner, Brave New World, to Black Mirror.    Even The Simpsons predicted President Trump.

Nobody gets things perfectly, of course.  We don’t have the ubiquitous flying cars, but most of us have supercomputers in our pockets, and incredible amounts of entertainment (distraction) and information at the touch of a button.  To decide what technologies are to be ascendant is a bit tricky.  Who gets the overall vibe, though?

This recent article by a member of Devo, a band formed in 1973, is an interesting commentary on someone who saw what our society might become.  “House band on the Titanic” is a neat self-description on who they are.

Who predicted our current mess of a “culture”?   What other films, music, or literature came closest to predicting where we’d be?

Devo hit the nail on the head with this bit of a lyric (Working In a Coal Mine):

Lord I am so tired
How long can this go on?





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