Doing good

1280px-StJohnsAshfield_StainedGlass_GoodShepherd_Portrait.jpg CC-BY SA

In spite of everything, there are some days when good things do turn up.   As much as some parts of the ‘net are incredible time sinks (and filled with trolls), there are non-saccharine situations and people that do exist.

Some of these folks are famous (Keanu Reeves), semi-famous (Chuck Feeny), and some are hardly famous at all (“Humans being bros“, on  The neat part about all of them is that they all share a common decency and humanity that sometimes feels like it is in very short supply these days.

The world is still off kilter, and things most likely won’t end well.  But when humans can be decent to each other (or “excellent to each other” as Keanu said ages ago), we can at the least face the music with some dignity.

Who else do you nominate as ‘people doing good’?   Is seeing this sort of stuff just a product of the holidays?   Might there be real, tangible benefits to focusing more on these stories, or at least showing more of them?   Or are these stories cheap ways of giving people false hope?   For every one of these heros, these examples of decency and charity, we might find five or ten people being inhumane, or perhaps even worse –  being indifferent.






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