2018 – Merry Christmas (and good luck…)


commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Christmas_tree#/media/File:Arbol_Navidad_02.jpg, Public Domain.

Yes, today is Christmas; may all be enjoying the company of friends and family.   At home with my own extended family, it is good to see everyone, and have a bit of winter solstice indulgence.

As David Collum writes in his annual missive, this may have been the year that “everything changed.” The news continues to be strange, and our political and financial institutions are in rough shape.  Every year, one wonders, will this be the year that things go off the rails?  Will this be the year that starts our own World Made By Hand series?  Nobody knows for sure; prediction is always hard, especially about the future.

If there’s any common threads to these essays, it is to ask lots of questions, don’t bet on anything happening on any sort of predictable timeframe, and to be a bit more philosophical about this entire process of change that is happening before our eyes.   We’ll most likely keep writing bits and pieces, so long as the lights are on, and the Internet remains.

Good luck to all out there, who see the difficult future we’ll most likely be getting, and are trying to tell people that things may not go as smoothly as we were once promised.

Merry Christmas, and to all a good night.

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