800px-Decency_and_order_in_publick_worship_recommended_in_three_discourses,_preached_in_the_Cathedral_Church_of_Hereford_Fleuron_T032178-4.png,_preached_in_the_Cathedral_Church_of_Hereford_Fleuron_T032178-4.png; Public Domain.

My worldview isn’t quite pollyannish; read enough of this or any related blog in the blogroll, and you find that dark days are coming (If there was an editor for these posts, you’d get the obligatory “[ed. OK, yes, we get it].”)

Occasionally, when things seem miserable, there are still signs of decency and civil behavior.   The recent US government shutdown screwup has a lot of people working (the Coast Guard, the TSA, and others) who aren’t getting paychecks.   Across the country, people and companies are kicking in to help these folks.   The folks they are helping are generally like many of us, trying to get by, and trying to do sometimes thankless or behind-the-scenes jobs that nobody cares about (until, of course, something goes wrong).   This, in and of itself, won’t help the climate issue, the debt problem, or other freight trains of predicaments rolling our way.  But it does make you think that even when things are miserable, certain human decencies still remain.

For a daily dose of this sort of thing, check out reddit, HumansBeingBros.

What are examples of ordinary decency you see in your daily life?  Why do you think some people, in spite of everything, are still decent?




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