The Sheep Look Up

1024px-Ewe_sheep_black_and_white.jpg ; By George Gastin – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

A few posts ago, it was asked “Who got it right?” with regard to predicting our current crazy situation.   After asking the same question to some science fiction aficionados, the title The Sheep Look Up, by John Brunner came up.  The book is a easy but disjointed read (per design); it has some of the same short blurbs that Twitter gives us, and has the random news that one might get off of Zero Hedge or a Reddit feed.   The precursor to this, Stand on Zanzibar is similar, and this is a nice bit of praise (from 2000):

Thirty years after its initial publication, Greg Bear praised Stand on Zanzibar as a science fiction novel that, unusually, has not become dated since its original appearance: “It’s not quite the future we imagined it to be, but it still reads as fresh as it did back in 1968, and that’s an amazing accomplishment!”

Another bit of accurate prediction came with a book Paris in the Twentieth Century, by none other than Jules Verne.  Although written in 1863, it was published in 1994, and has a good view of 1960.

It will be interesting to see who in our era predicts the future of 100 years from now.



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