Four Fifteen

415, sliced a few different ways.

We just hit 415 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere.   Why this particular number, like others before it, have warranted a flurry of articles, I don’t quite know. Humans typically count in base ten (although base 60 was used by the Sumerians, and base 2 is used in computers), and when we hit 400 ppm, there was also a small blizzard of articles on this milestone.

420 (which may get some chuckles), 425, 430… they are all coming, but what of it?  When will people realize we’ve got a real crises, so much so that real change will happen?  My guess is that it will take a lot more than a number,. written in any numeric format to change our attitude.   An ice free arctic; the collapse of the Gulf Stream; regions becoming uninhabitable without artificial cooling – these are all possibilities (and with increasing probabilities).

What will it take for people (and more importantly, governments) to realize and act on these troubling data points, and have this part of our daily discussion?


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