The tickle of alien space bats; Public Domain

The “Ask Me Anything” section of Reddit has a wide range of folks who have notoriety in a diverse range of fields, and as the name says – you can ask anything of the person of interest.

A few days ago, Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian cabinet minister of Defense and Transport did an ‘AMA‘, and naturally, folks asked him about the UFO issue.  For those of you late to the party, in the UFO world, Mr. Hellyer is famous for being one of the highest members of any government to admit to the UFO phenomenon as being something real, and something involving extraterrestrials.   The Canadians seem to have been quite blunt in this matter (see documents on Project Magnet). In the AMA session, he states:

Governments, especially the US government, have been working with several species for decades and knows an incredible amount about them. They have spent billions denying the existence of UFOs, ETs and their incredible characteristics.

Dang.  It is stuff like that might be called the ‘tickle of alien space bats‘ – a slight suggestion that there might be something very strange going on behind the scenes of the ‘normal world’, that would have vast implications for humans, humanity, and the environment.  This is something that seems to be gathering steam; a recent Fox News piece mentions that an American DoD official has been saying something similar, and revelations by US Navy pilots are starting to get serious notice (in the NY Times as well), rather than becoming career ending.

This doesn’t mean humanity and its odd way of doing things is off the hook.  If you were a representative of an advanced civilization, would you “bail out humanity”, without first putting it through some sort of rehab program?  Most of us will help friends who are in a bind, but if a friend continually trashes their personal life (and those around them), how willing are you to throw ‘good resources after bad’ if they continue to behave in a self-destructive way?  No matter how you slice it, the way we are living probably isn’t long for this world.


  • Alien space bats – nuts, or is there something to this?  Someone in my world, when asked about the reality of UFOs, simply and bluntly said, “All those people are crazy,” without wanting to listen to any bit of evidence, even when put forward by folks like Hellyer or even Mercury or Apollo astronauts.
  • Is there a middle path on the UFO issue?  Between “nothing at all/nothing to see here” and “extraterrestrials”, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of room.   If these things are made by humans, there’s a lot of hidden stuff out there that is just as maddening.
  • One wonders – if an advanced civilization was to help us out, what would they ask us to give up?  Nuclear weapons? Fast food Capitalism? Nationalism? Religion?  Most of the scenarios where advanced civilizations meet less technical ones don’t end well for the less technical ones.


2 thoughts on “The tickle of alien space bats

  1. Padmé Amidala, Nb (@Cererean)

    Oh, there’s plenty of room in the middle between “Nothing to see here” and “Aliens”. Severtal middle paths, in fact. Putting them on a spectrum from Aliens to Nothing, they could be: ultraterrestrials (, another, more advanced species that originated on Earth and checks in from time to time; Atlanteans, a highly advanced but hidden human civilisation; or just the Deep State trying out their new aircraft. Outside that spectrum, off on the alien side, there is also the possibility that they’re not physical creatures at all. It could be that we’re facing an intergalactic invasion into this space through people.

  2. peakfuture Post author

    Anything more advanced would “upset the applecart” of the modern world, for sure. Most reports are of extraterrestrials, not ultras or Deep State, but that doesn’t mean there is a hybrid of “all of the above.” In fact, if some reports are correct, they’ve been here for thousands of years.


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