Why do some care, and some do not?

Tree.  commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Tree#/media/File:GemeineFichte.jpg; Public Domain.

A retweet over at Cererean’s feed had this:

The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit” Boomers cut all the trees down, and then said “I’m gonna die soon anyway, so what do I care? Go f*** yourself” Don’t be like boomers. Plant trees. Ensure your kids have it better than u did.

Of course, this was a bit generalized; some boomers do care, and have cared (and we’ve got a lot more trees in the US, so someone must have been planting trees!).  The bigger question is why do some people care, and some do not?  Some people who have kids are in the camp of “I’ve got mine, so I’m not worried,” and some people who don’t have kids are the very folks who plant lots of trees (literally, or figuratively).

What makes people take one path or another?  And even more amazingly – admit that they don’t care about the future or future generations?  How do you get people to care about future generations?


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