Letters to the future


Just saw this; it seems that letters to the future (as discussed a while ago) are not just personal things. Time capsules tell the future of who we were at the time, but this is different.  For one, it isn’t buried until a certain time – it is open to the world.   This is a very public, very prominent commentary on knowing a possibly terrible future.


  • As the climate changes,  and the nature of our predicament becomes more apparent, might we see more of these?
  • Might the future be filled with monuments of apology, or will we be too busy scraping along?
  • What would you say to the folks in the future in your geographic area?
  • What sort of monument would you construct?
  • Imagine a culture or religion that continually made public displays like this, talking to the future in a relatable way, and making people think about what they were doing at that time.  Could this be part of our future culture, and a way to ameliorate modern tendencies?


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