A World Made By Hand

From James Howard Kunstler’s A History Of The Future.


If you see of any inaccuracies, please let me know.  Click on the map for a larger version.  There’s a bit more detail, but some regions of the country haven’t been described.  I drew the dividing line for Illinois at one of the major highways there (I-70); that might be considered a strategic piece of real estate.

JHK gave us this vision of the flag of the Foxfire Republic, led by Loving Morrow, as JHK describes, “A Dolly Parton meets Hitler.”  From A History of the Future:

“The Foxfire flag consisted of the old Confederate Stars and Bars in the upper corner, like the blue canton of white stars in the U.S. flag, and a Christian cross with flames coming off the top on a snow white field in place of the old stars and stripes.”


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