Here is a map from the world of Retrotropia, as sketched out by John Michael Greer, in his online series of 2015.  Click on the map for a larger version.


A larger map, including Canada, is below (to show the full extent of the Republic of New England and the Maritimes).  Again, click on the map for a larger version.


There are some folks who have ideas on what the other parts of Canada are doing (as well as Hawaii and Alaska), but that isn’t part of the ‘canon’ (as of yet!).

10 thoughts on “Retrotopia

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  3. 1Bill

    Great maps. Thanks for making them available.
    I had a thought about the border in Idaho between the Deseret Republic and Cascadian Republic. I would probably put it along the Snake River and no further west than maybe Twin Falls. South-east ID has a rather high percentage of Mormons, so happily goes Deseret, while the much more relatively diverse remainder of the state (which includes the greater Boise area, which comparatively has livelier, and more “liberal” tastes) I expect would much prefer a less religiously severe or even non-religious lifestyle, so, throws in with Cascadia. Independent minded conservatives for sure, and I expect they would not take too kindly to being religiously strong-armed by folk in Salt Lake City.

  4. Tripp

    Wasn’t the western part of Montana, say, out to Missoula-ish, part of the Cascadian Republic? Add that to the more southerly boundary of northern Deseret in Idaho, outlined above, and Cascadia is considerably larger!

  5. Michael F Bocchinfuso

    The ebook has a somewhat (slightly) different version of the map. Texas seems to have a small slice of Louisiana.


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