The People’s Almanac – Administrative Restructuring

Years ago, I read The People’s Almanac, and in it, there were two proposals for restructuring the existing United States into something more “workable,” as the old borders of the states (especially the earlier ones) were drawn far before modern life emerged, as noted above.   Now, this may have been a pipe dream (how many state legislatures would voluntarily dissolve, and how many governors would give up power?), but in the reality of a diminished resource world, new ways of administrating things may be needed.  Some may come about peacefully (we hope), and some may not, but in the end, things may be reshuffled a bit.

Here, are some of the restructurings that were imagined:

The first restructuring, with 38 states:

38statesThe second, more radical restructuring of Stanley Brunn, with 16 states;


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